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The Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian provides legal services to its clients in the area of business litigation, which consists of: Contract Law, Misrepresentation, Fraud, Partnership/Business Disputes, Unfair Competition, Mediation, and Arbitration.

Contract Law

Contact law serves to enforce voluntary agreements entered into by interested parties. Typically, this allows for one party to a contract to obtain financial compensation from the other party once it is evident that the latter party is in breach of contract.

Within the scope of contract law, there exist different types of contracts:

  1. Oral/Verbal Contracts, which become legally binding once all parties verbally discuss the terms and agree to the same;
  2. Implied Contract/Unilateral Performance, which is when one party gives a valuable benefit (i.e., money) in direct exchange for another valuable benefit (i.e., a desired product or service); and
  3. Written Contract, which is when the terms of a negotiation are specifically outlined in a written contract, and thus signatures from all parties are required in order to make this contract legally binding.

Whether you have a contract dispute (Breach of Contract), need a contract to be written, or need a contract to be reviewed, the Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian provides all services pertaining to such needs.  


Misrepresentation is a false statement of material fact in which one justifiably relies upon and suffers damages as a result. When misrepresentation can be proven to exist within a contract agreement, the contract becomes voidable. Misrepresentations can either be innocent (that is, deception is unintentional), or fraudulent (that is, deception is intentional). The party who was deceived by the misrepresentation has the power to rescind the contract.


Fraud is a type of misrepresentation that is committed with direct intention with the purpose of deceiving another party. An individual committing fraud, or knowingly making a misrepresentation, does so if:

  1. The party knew the statement was false;
  2. The party knew that s/he did not have a basis for making the statement; or
  3. The party made the statement while lacking confidence of its truth.

The intent to deceive is evident by the fact that the party knowingly committed a misstatement of fact to a person who was likely to rely upon that statement.

Fraud may be remedied by rescission, wherein the party who rescinded the contract is entitled to anything s/he gave to the other party.
The party who is a victim of fraud may seek to recover damages, and would have the burden of proving the existence of an economic injury.

The Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian provides services to both plaintiffs and defendants in misrepresentation and/or fraud cases and works tirelessly to achieve successful result for its clients.

Partnership/Business Disputes

When parties enter into a business relationship, it is inevitable that they will encounter disagreements from time to time; however, some disagreements may be so severe that legal action may be necessary to protect your assets and investments. Some of these disputes may involve a party failing to honor fiduciary duties or to satisfy contract obligations outlined in a partnership agreement or business contract. Another common scenario is when one party enters into secret business dealings that work against the best interests of the company.

In the unfortunate event a partnership dispute arises, the Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian works to preserve its clients’ rights and protect its clients’ business investments.

Unfair Competition

Unfair competition is an umbrella term for all dishonest or fraudulent rivalry in trade and commerce. More specifically, this can refer to the substitution of one’s own products in the market for those of another for the purpose of deceiving consumers. This often includes imitating or counterfeiting the brand, size, color, packaging or other distinctive characteristics of the product.

Unfair competition includes: trademark infringement, false advertising, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unauthorized substitution of one brand of product for another. As a result, laws have been established to protect consumers and businesses and prevent such actions.

The Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian represents both plaintiffs and defendants to unfair competition causes of action. Whether a client is a victim of unfair competition or being accused of unfair competition, the Law Offices of Anthony S. Hamassian will fight for its clients’ rights to achieve favorable results.

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